Some special moments making the next Sunday Lemonade record.

The process of creating the next Sunday Lemonade record has been filled with special moments that have truly made it stand out. From the harmonious blend of vocals to the melodic tunes, every aspect of this record is coming together beautifully. The use of Maton guitars has added a unique depth and richness to the […]

The struggle is real… Fender or Gibson!

For guitar enthusiasts, the eternal debate between Fender and Gibson is a real struggle. Both iconic brands have loyal followings and unique characteristics that appeal to different players. Fender is known for its bright, twangy tones and classic Stratocaster and Telecaster models, while Gibson is famous for its rich, warm tones and legendary Les Paul […]

We’re cooking up something real special with the mob from Umbarra Cultural Centre.

Collaborating with the talented team at Umbarra Cultural Centre has been an incredible experience. Together, we are working on something truly special that we can’t wait to share with everyone. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project! Our recording studio is buzzing with creativity as we bring together our expertise with the unique cultural […]

Bustin out drum tracks with Jack Willis & Hein Cooper

Jack Willis and Hein Cooper are known for their exceptional drum tracks, always delivering top-notch performances that captivate listeners. Together, they create music that is both dynamic and unforgettable. Along with their drum skills, they are also skilled at filming bass guitar, adding another layer of creativity to their work. Their collaboration results in tracks […]

Online drum session today for Cilla Jane. We’re building up demos focusing on drum parts and how they feed the song. Choosing from an assortment of microphones is a bonus extra #wp #tamastarclassic #onlinedrums

Today, we had an online drum session with Cilla Jane, where our focus was on building up demos and highlighting the importance of drum parts in enhancing the overall song. At the session, we had the bonus of choosing from a variety of microphones to achieve the best possible sound for the drums. The use […]

Had these two legends in here today!

Today was a great day in the studio with two incredible musicians, Corey Legge and Dan Sullivan. They brought their unique talents to the session, with Corey filling the room with soulful harmonica melodies and Dan strumming his powerful guitar chords. The energy and passion they put into their music was truly inspiring. Corey Legge’s […]

Sometimes we move into the local School of Arts

At times, we relocate to the nearby School of Arts to achieve a grand sound for our recordings. This change of scenery allows us to capture the impressive resonance that we are looking for in our music production. By utilizing the facilities at the School of Arts, we can create a bigger and more dynamic […]

Always a treat having Tonksie here in the studio.

We always love having Tonksie in the studio – his energy and enthusiasm is contagious. He brings such a fun and positive vibe to our space. It’s always a treat to have him around because he brings a sense of excitement and creativity that is truly inspiring. Tonksie’s presence lifts the mood and keeps everyone […]