It has been a privilege to work with young people from Nowra, Wallaga Lake & Eden along with cultural mentors + artists/musicians/amazing minds to make this unique recording that is ‘Bulla Midhong’ #wp

It has been an incredible experience collaborating with youth from Nowra, Wallaga Lake, and Eden, as well as cultural mentors, artists, musicians, and inspiring individuals to create the unique recording known as ‘Bulla Midhong’. This project has been a fulfilling journey filled with creativity and cultural exchange.

The collaboration brought together young talents and experienced mentors to create something truly special that celebrates diversity and creativity. Through music and art, the participants were able to express themselves and showcase their unique perspectives and talents.

‘Bulla Midhong’ is a testament to the power of collaboration and the beauty of sharing cultural experiences through artistic expression. It is a project that highlights the importance of fostering creativity and providing a platform for young voices to be heard and celebrated.

This recording is a representation of unity and cultural pride, as well as a testament to the talent and creativity present in the communities of Nowra, Wallaga Lake, and Eden. It is a celebration of diversity and a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of the participants involved in the project.