Online drum session today for Cilla Jane. We’re building up demos focusing on drum parts and how they feed the song. Choosing from an assortment of microphones is a bonus extra #wp #tamastarclassic #onlinedrums

Today, we had an online drum session with Cilla Jane, where our focus was on building up demos and highlighting the importance of drum parts in enhancing the overall song. At the session, we had the bonus of choosing from a variety of microphones to achieve the best possible sound for the drums. The use of different microphones can greatly impact the final outcome of the recording, making it a crucial aspect to consider in the production process.

During the session, we utilized the WP drum kit and the Tamastarclassic drums to create a dynamic and engaging sound for the demos. These drum sets offer versatility and high-quality sound, adding depth and richness to the music being produced. By carefully selecting the right drum parts and utilizing top-notch equipment like these drum sets, we were able to enhance the overall music production experience for Cilla Jane.

Our online drum session was not only a productive endeavor in creating demos but also a learning opportunity for all involved. Exploring different drum parts and experimenting with various microphones can lead to the discovery of new sounds and techniques that can elevate the quality of the final product. With a focus on creativity, innovation, and attention to detail, our session with Cilla Jane was a step towards achieving a polished and professional sound in the world of music production.